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I used to think…

… that women who complained about being SUUUUPER tired in their first trimester of pregnancy were whiny and wanted attention.


Boy, was I WRONG.


I feel exhausted ALL the time. I come home from work, eat supper, lay down reading or watching TV for an hour or so, and go to bed by 9:30. I sleep perfectly all night and am still tired when I wake up in the morning. Creating a person is exhausting.


I haven’t written much in a while because there’s so much going on in other aspects of my life that I haven’t really had a chance. I started a new job. Not in my field, but I’m getting full time hours and it’s money. I’m working at a bookstore. It’s a decent job. But it’s definitely keeping me busy. Then there’s the pregnancy. We haven’t told anyone because it’s still VERY early. I’m only about five and a half weeks. I haven’t even had a real doctor’s appointment yet. I had one last week to get a requisition for blood work, and have my first real appointment this coming Thursday. Cross your fingers for us that all goes well!


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We’re gonna have a baby!! 😀

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