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Well, much to my own surprise, I passed my CDRE!!

I’m officially a Registered Dietitian and can use the abbreviation RD after my name!

Now I just need to find a job…

In other news, I’ve been doing really well with my January goals. I’ve taken my lunch to work every day. The only day I bought something to eat at work was the day I got my CDRE results, and then I only bought a cupcake to celebrate! Hubby and I have also had at least one date night each week! It’s hard to believe that January is nearly over. I have to start thinking of a goal for February!


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I’ve finally gotten around to using my new Cricut machine! I am absolutely in love with it! It makes scrap booking such a different experience! I’ve been putting off doing my wedding scrapbook for quite some time now, because it’s hard to get appropriate lettering and embellishments. I managed to find a couple of nice wedding sticker sets, but they were just words like “bride”, “groom”, “bridal party”. There were no letters to match that I could use to make words like “saying our vows” or “getting ready”. I also couldn’t find many embellishments at all. There were a few hearts and rings and swirly things, but no dresses or flowers or anything else. I can do all of those things with my Cricut! 😀

Here are a few pages I made and a close up of some flower embellishments I made. (Ignore the poor quality. I took them on my phone.)

Gah! Can’t figure out how to add photos from my new iPad! Will have to add them later!

Okay, I downloaded the app instead of trying to do it from the browser. Let’s see if this works…




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January Update

I posted a few days ago that I wouldn’t be making a resolution, but would be making a goal or goals each month instead. My January goal is to bring lunch to work every day instead of buying. So far, I’m three for three on that! Yes, it’s only three shifts, but tomorrow is my last day of work for the week and I already know what I’ll be bringing. So that makes week number one a success! 😀

I have also decided to add another goal for January. My husband and I both work full time, and our schedules are often conflicting. So sometimes a week will pass by and I’ll think “Wow, I barely saw my husband this week!”. Obviously we [i]see[/i] each other, but it sometimes feels like we don’t get to spend enough quality time together. I really don’t want this to be the case now that we’re trying to conceive. I belong to an online support forum for women who are trying to conceive and a big topic of conversation lately was husbands who feel like their wives only pay attention to them when they are fertile and trying to get pregnant. I don’t ever want my husband to think that. So that, combined with our hectic schedules, is my motivation for goal number two – have a date day or night at least once a week. A time just for us. We have already planned this weeks date – we’re going out to supper and to a hockey game Saturday night. 🙂

So January now has two goals! Wish me luck!

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Welcome, 2012.

It’s a new year! 😀

I had a very uneventful New Year’s Eve. My husband was working a night shift. So I spent the night in with our little shih tzu. She’s absolutely TERRIFIED of the fireworks, so my night consisted of cuddling her and trying to keep her from having a panic attack.

I never make resolutions for the new year, because I have very little willpower when it comes to keeping a resolution for the entire year. What I have decided to do this year instead is to make a goal or a list of small goals at the beginning of each month. For January, I have decided that my goal will be to bring lunch to work every day this month instead of buying lunch. I’m usually very good at bringing lunch to work, but over the last couple of months, I’ve slacked off on the cooking at home. Therefore I’ve slacked off on the lunch packing, and have resorted to buying takeout for lunch at least a couple of times a week. So my goal for January is to put a stop to buying takeout for lunch in an effort to save money and eat better.

Wish me luck! 😀

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