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17 Weeks

How Far Along: 17 weeks today!!
How Big Is Baby: as big as an onion – about 5.1 inches long and 5.9 ounces
Total Weight Gain: Haven’t weighed in at the doctor’s office in a few weeks. But, according to my home scale, I may finally be back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
Stretch Marks: Nothing yet. But did buy some coco butter lotion just in case. 😉

Maternity Clothes: I bought a few maternity shirts – two for work and two casual ones. I also invested in a belly band to help prolong the use I can get out of my regular pants.
Sleep: I could still sleep around the clock.
Best Moment(s) of the Week: Feeling semi-normal again. And feeling what I think may or may not be baby flutters!
Craving(s): Nothing really.
Food Aversion: There’s nothing that makes me want to gag. But greasy stuff still upsets my stomach after I eat it.
Symptoms: Heartburn. Some nausea. Some hip pains when I sleep. Mild headaches.

Movements: I’m not sure. I think I may have felt little flutters a couple of times. But nothing that I can definitely say was baby movement. I just want that little babe to gift me a good swift kick!! *lol*
What Do I Miss: Runny eggs yolks.. still. Tylenol when my head hurts. 😛

Belly Button In or Out: In. And I hope it stays that way.
Wedding Ring On or Off: On. Except at night.
Gender: Still too early to tell. Just a few more weeks till we can find out!
Looking Forward To: Finally feeling baby move for the first time, and knowing it was baby movement! Finding out the gender. November! 😉
Next Appointment: June 11th.

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I found this little pregnancy questionnaire on a baby blog, and thought it was a super cute way to document my pregnancy. So I’ll be filling it out from time to time!
How Far Along: 13 weeks and 5 days. Exactly six months away from my due date! 🙂
How Big Is Baby: According to the Bump site, baby is as big as a peach right now – measuring about 2.9 inches and weighing about 0.81 ounces.
Total Weight Gain: None. Still -9 pounds due to my terrible morning sickness in the first trimester.
Stretch Marks: Nothing yet.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet. Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit perfectly. The dress pants that I wear to work are getting a little tight though.
Sleep: I could probably sleep all day every day. Most mornings I sleep in until 10 or 11.
Best Moment(s) of the Week: Finally having everything out in the open. Everyone knows.Craving(s): Pastry. Specifically cream-filled pastry. I bought a cream puff at the grocery store, and it was DELICIOUS.

Food Aversion: Anything really greasy upsets my stomach. But there’s nothing that makes me queasy just thinking about it.
Symptoms: Heartburn. Still some nausea.

Movements: Not yet – can’t wait for that!.
What Do I Miss: Runny eggs yolks..

Belly Button In or Out: In. I’m absolutely dreading the day it pops out!
Wedding Ring On or Off: On. Except at night.
Gender: I have no idea. It’s still too early to tell. Most people seem to think I’ll have a girl though.
Looking Forward To: Finally feeling baby move for the first time. Hearing the heartbeat for the first time. Finding out the gender. And starting to shop for baby things!
Next Appointment: Next Friday, May 11th.

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