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There are tons of pins kicking around on Pinterest these days of recipes for super bubbles. And my kid is a bubble fanatic. So I decided to give one a try. I used this one.

3 cups water
1 cup liquid dishwashing detergent (Joy is a good choice)
1/2 cup white corn syrup

They actually turned out quite awesome! They’re certainly not unpoppable. But they’re quite strong, and you can make pretty big bubbles with the mix! Most importantly, Alexander (and my man child husband :P) loved them! We now own a ton of different bubble wands, and spend a lot of afternoons hanging out on our back deck blowing giant bubbles! And it’s awesome!



It’s actually not that easy to snap a picture of a bubble at the instant it is blown. But these are a couple of the best pics I could get. 🙂


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Yup. Last night was our first night without a pacifier.

We decided to go it cold turkey cause we had no idea how to go about getting rid of a pacifier from an almost-21-month-old. We had never imagined he’d have a pacifier this long. Actually if you could rewind two years and pop into the mind of my early-2012 self, you’d see crazy ideas of my yet-unborn child never having a pacifier. EVER. Oh, poor naive, early-2012 self. We caved on that about 2-3 weeks into parenthood when our child decided that if he didn’t have an actual pacifier, mommy’s breast would do just fine.

By 8/9 months, we had cut it down to only nap time, bedtime, and cars trips. And to avoid the occasional public tantrum. Haha. Our intention at that time was to have it gone completely by his first birthday. But then something terrible happened…


First year molars. Big, evil teeth slowly clawing their way through my precious baby’s delicate gums night after night. Because that’s how it happens. Molars don’t just pop up delicately in the middle of the day. They terrorize your family and disrupt your sleep. So the pacifier stuck around. Just for nap time and bedtime.

And here we are. More than six months later.

Cold turkey night #1 went pretty well. It took Alexander a little longer than normal to settle for bed. But he didn’t whine or cry for it. And we did have one spurt between 10 and 10:30 where he cried off and on for a while. But, overall, I’ll consider it a success.

Right now, he’s currently napping pacifier-less. Fingers crossed that it goes well.

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We’ve never taken Alexander to any of those kiddie shows that have come to town. The Backyardigans, Toopy and Binoo, Sesame Street – they’ve all come here. And we decided not to take him because he’s young and they’re not his absolute favorites. He’d recognize them, but I don’t think it would be the experience of a lifetime for him. What would be? Seeing The Wiggles. He freakin’ LOVES those guys. So we’ve always said that if The Wiggles came nearby, we’d definitely take him. Well they’re coming. Just not exactly nearby. They’re going to Halifax. A whole province away. But we decided to go anyway. Because our boy ADORES them. And they’re coming a week and a half before his birthday. And we have family in Halifax.

So we’re going. 😀

September 21st, we will be at the Wiggles concert! 😀

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If you’re reading my blog, you’re obviously an awesome person who loves to read awesome stuff… so I figured I’d share some of the awesome stuff I love to read. Please note that I haven’t been asked/paid by any of these bloggers to share their pages. (They actually don’t have any idea I’m sharing them! Whoops!) I just think they’re great and read them regularly. So I figured I’d share their awesomeness with the few readers I have.

The Honest Toddler : hilarious “parenting advice” written from the perspective of a brutally honest toddler. Even before my child was a toddler, I could completely relate to this.

Mother Blogger : I didn’t even know this was a blog until I came across the blogger’s book – MotherFumbler. From the cover, I always knew I”d be the perfect mother. So far, I”ve perfected the fetal position. When Vicki Murphy brought her new baby home from the hospital, she expected to be greeted by fluttering butterflies and harp-strumming cherubs. You know: the way it is in diaper commercials and the “Yay, You”re Preggers!” books. LIAR, LIAR, MATERNITY PANTS ON FIRE! Instead, she had a baby boy who didn”t sleep for a year, whose cry was the official anthem of Hades, and who could suck the nipples off a cyborg. A (sometimes crude) look at the parts of motherhood that the gooey, sappy books forget to tell you. Consider yourself warned – she loves to drop the occasional f-bomb and other such profanities. So if wholesome humor is what you’re looking for, this isn’t the place for you. 😉

Scary Mommy : another ridiculously awesome honest blog about parenthood. I have no idea how I stumbled across this, but I’m so glad I did.

I’m sure there are others! And if I think of them, I’ll post them!

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

Every year, as summer approaches, I get into a little funk thinking about how another year has passed and I’m still not working in my chosen field. But this year, I have my son to remind me that sometimes the things that we consider to be unlucky or unfair in our lives actually turn out to be blessings.

If I had been working in a full time dietitian job (or even a part time one), I would have had to go back to work when my year of maternity leave was over, into a position that couldn’t be worked around my husband’s schedule. Instead, I give my manager a schedule of my husband’s days off and she schedules me to work on the days he’s at home. So he hasn’t had to go in daycare or be sent to a babysitter. One of us is always at home with him. And, whether it’s a direct result of being home with his parents or not, that little guy is amazingly smart. He has such an incredible vocabulary for a little boy his age. At just 20 months old, he’s already speaking in three-and-four-word sentences. He can count to four. (He doesn’t understand the concept of associating things with the numbers, but he has memorized the numbers.) He’s SO affectionate too. He’s always giving us (and all his toys) kisses and hugs. And now every morning when I pick him up from his crib, he brushes my hair out of my face and says “pretty mommy”. Again, I have no idea whether those things are a direct result of us being home with him instead of having him in daycare. But my husband keeps telling me they are, and I’m starting to believe him. 😉

I’ve also been thinking about how my miscarriage back in December of 2011 was a blessing in disguise too. As I’ve said, my son is just absolutely amazing. It is a privilege to be his mommy and watch him transform into the little individual he’s becoming. But, had my first pregnancy been viable, I would have had a different child. Different sperm + different egg = different baby. Now I’m not saying I would have loved that first baby any less. But it wouldn’t have been this child who has captured my heart. It wouldn’t have been Alexander – the amazing little man who fits perfectly into our family. I had to lose that baby to be able to get pregnant with my son. In the moment, and for a long time afterwards, it was absolutely heart-breaking. Losing a child is always hard. But, in retrospect, it happened for a reason. And that reason was Alexander.

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