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Meal planning!

Saturday evening, I sat down armed with my work schedule and hubby’s work schedule and planned out our meals for the next two weeks!

There are actually a ton of long overdue reasons for choosing to plan our meals I’m advance:

Eating healthier: when we don’t meal plan, we resort about once a week to picking up unhealthy takeout for supper just because we have no idea what to make. Which ties into the next reason…

Saving money: it’s a lot cheaper to plan a healthy supper and buy the necessary ingredients than it is to pick up takeout. We also waste less when we meal plan because we just buy what we need (or staples that are on sale) rather than walking aimlessly around the supermarket and buying stuff we don’t actually end up using. And we plan on what to do with any leftovers. So they don’t sit in the fridge until they’re thrown out a week later. Lots of ways to save money. 🙂

Reducing stress: I dread for about 3 pm every afternoon to come, because that’s when I’m faced with the task of deciding what to cook for supper. I’m generally a very organized person, so not having a plan stresses me out. Having our suppers planned ahead of time reduces that stress.

Adding variety: when we don’t meal plan, we eat the same handful of things over and over and over again because they’re quick and easy and we have the ingredients on hand. Before long, we’re sick of eating the same thing over and over. Actually taking the time to plan meals ahead of time allows me to reduce the repetition. I planned those two whole weeks of meals without any repetition in our main dishes.

I’m sure there are other reasons too. But those are the ones I can think of offhand. And it’s going really well so far. We even bought a dry erase board to keep in the kitchen with our meals for the next week or two written on it. Here’s hoping we can keep it up!


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Happy Canada Day!! :D

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

Today is one of those very rare days that hubby and I both have off from work together. Normally, I work on his days off. But one of the few perks of working in retail is that the mall is closed on major holidays. So we’re actually both off today, and the weather forecast looks awesome. So we’re planning a full day of family fun! 😀

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