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Happy Canada Day!! :D

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

Today is one of those very rare days that hubby and I both have off from work together. Normally, I work on his days off. But one of the few perks of working in retail is that the mall is closed on major holidays. So we’re actually both off today, and the weather forecast looks awesome. So we’re planning a full day of family fun! 😀


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I’m going to be an auntie!

Hooray! My husband’s brother and his wife announced over Christmas that they’re expecting their first baby (and my first actual niece or nephew!!!) in June! She’s 16 weeks already and they managed to keep it completely secret until now! She hasn’t been sick at all and is still wearing her regular clothes at 16 weeks, which make me hate her just the teensiest bit. Haha. (I kid! I’m thrilled that things are going well for her!) I’m just so excited to have a new baby to welcome into the family and love and spoil and have the ability to give back when it gets annoying! 😀

Also,I got a new iPad Mini for Christmas. So I’m hoping that helps me keep on top of my blogging a little better!

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It’s been a crazy couple of months. I’ve been incredibly sick with morning/noon/night sickness. And both the hubby and I have been worried out of our minds that this pregnancy would be taken away from us as quickly as the last. But just two days ago we (okay, not so much “we”… he didn’t have anything ultrasound-ed :P) had an ultrasound and got the first picture of our healthy little peanut!


The tech said everything looks good, and the baby is measuring at 12 weeks and 4 days! I was thinking I was exactly 12 weeks, but our healthy little trooper is measuring bigger than that! The couple of extra days moves me into my second trimester and puts my due date at November 2nd. I’d love to have our little one on November 1st, because that was my mom’s birthday, and I think that would be perfect! 🙂 My mother-in-law is hoping I’ll have the baby a few days earlier than that because she and my father-in-law have had a trip to Africa planned for quite some time, and they leave on the 1st. So she’s hoping to get to meet her little grandbaby before she leaves.

It’s amazing how excited everyone is for us! We couldn’t have asked for a better response to our news! MIL/FIL have already told us that they want to buy the baby’s crib, and my brother called this morning to say that he and his fiancee want to buy the basinette. And there is already talk of two baby showers! This little baby is still over six months from arriving, and is already sooo loved!

And, in other news, I’m finally starting to not feel awful all the time. The vomiting has slacked off, and I haven’t actually gotten sick in over a week. I’m still feeling nauseous some of the time. But not nearly as much as I was. I tried cutting back on my Diclectin one day last week, and was really sick in the evening. But I’ve been feeling better since then, so I’ll be trying to cut back again today and tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes this time around!

We also had the pleasure last week of meeting hubby’s new little goddaughter. It’s his best friend’s daughter who is only two months old. She was born in another province, but they recently moved home. She’s so precious and adorable. She makes me even more excited for our own little one!

Is it November yet?!

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I lost my mom three years ago.

She was diagnosed with stomach cancer during my final year of university, while I was away in another province. She did chemotherapy, but it only prolonged the inevitable. She got to see me graduate from university – the first in my family to accomplish such a feat – which was something she really wanted. But it meant that I spent five of her last eight months away from her. I don’t regret it – she was so proud of me, and I was able to give her something that was incredibly important to her. But I sometimes wish I could have spent more time with her when she was sick.

Especially on nights like tonight – when I’m missing her so much I ache.

I’ve been watching One Tree Hill lately, and tonight I came across the episode where Peyton’s birth mother dies of cancer. It just brings back so many emotions and makes me miss my mom.

So, anyway, I’m just laying here alone – missing my mom. So much it hurts.

I wonder how she’d feel if she knew we were trying to get pregnant. Not that anyone really knows. But I still wonder how she’d feel. And how she’d react when we finally do get pregnant and announce it. She was absolutely amazing with kids. She’s where I got my adoration for them. And she would have made such a perfect grandmother. As much as it kills me that she wasn’t around for my wedding, it’s even worse knowing that she won’t be around to see my child(ren) – that she won’t get to put her hand on my belly and feel her grandbaby kicking or give me advice through pregnancy or be there with me when I have to go through labor or get to hold that precious little newborn. And that she won’t be there to help me through the first few months – to give me advice and come visit.

It tears me up inside.

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