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I realized when reading my last post that I had forgotten to mention one of February’s happiest events – my birthday! I had an absolutely amazing day! My hubby had to go to work for a couple of hours in the morning, but returned home with a “wife” birthday card for me and a dozen red roses! 😀


Later that afternoon, he bought me tickets to go see Bryan Adams in concert in a couple of months. They went on early-bird advanced sale on my birthday! We never get decent concerts around here, so I’m really pumped for April to come!

That evening the two of us went out to supper at one of my favorite restaurants. Then we met up with some friends to go to a hockey game, where I got a team jersey to wear!


And, of course, no birthday would be complete without birthday cake! So I ended the night off by blowing out my candles!


So February definitely started off on a positive note! A few days after that, we both got our approval to have the first weekend in March off, and booked a weekend getaway to visit hubby’s brother and his wife who recently moved away.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, but we never celebrate that in a big way. We’ll probably just snuggle up together with some take-out and watch a movie. We hate all the hustle and bustle of trying to go out somewhere. And we prefer to show our love to one another throughout the entire year rather than cramming our affection into one day that’s predetermined. Though I may attempt to make some of hubby’s favorite chocolate chip cookies into heart shapes if I can get that to work out! I’ll be sure to post them if I do!

Anyway, I’m off to putter around the Internet and waste some time! I found this blog (STFU, Parents) earlier today and am hooked! Haha!


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