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Okay – rant time!

I love cooking shows. I’m not a big fan of sitting around watching television (unless I’m in bed at night). But when I do watch TV during the day, it’s a cooking show. Our television is practically¬†permanently tuned to The Food Network. Today, however, I have a huge beef.

I was watching one particular show where the host was preparing food for children. And she kept stressing the fact that the recipes she was using had “no added sugar”. But she was sweetening her recipes using honey and maple syrup. ARGH.

Sugar is sugar is sugar.

Sure, honey and maple syrup aren’t refined like white table sugar. But they’re processed the same way in your body. If you were to read the nutrition facts table on three identical recipes – one sweetened with white sugar, one with maple syrup, and one with honey – you’d find that there’s sugar in all of them. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s better. If you were a diabetic, you would learn that eating maple syrup or honey is the same as eating white sugar. Why? Because SUGAR IS SUGAR. Your body recognizes it all as being the same thing.

“Nutritive sweeteners provide calories or energy to the diet at about four calories per gram, just like carbohydrate or protein. Common examples of nutritive sweeteners include white and brown table sugars and molasses, honey, and syrups such as maple and corn. These are all sweet tasting because of the presence of glucose and fructose, alone or together as sucrose.”


So beware of recipes that claim to have “no added sugar” but have these other natural sweeteners in them. They all cause a rise in blood sugar, and they all have the same number of calories per gram.

End rant.


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