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Presents galore!

This past week, my mother-in-law threw me the first of two showers I’ll be having to celebrate our upcoming little bundle. (The second, being thrown by my sister, is a week from today.) It’s truly overwhelming how many people want to share in our happiness and celebrate Alexander’s upcoming arrival. We received so many presents and cards – even from people who didn’t come to the shower. We’ve pretty much got enough clothes and onesies to last until he’s six months old, and a few other bigger clothes as well. He now also has a playmat and an Exersaucer, and every imaginable hygiene/bath product. In addition to the big gifts we had already received (stroller, infant carrier, crib, change table) and the things we had purchased ourselves, there’s very little left that we need. And we received more than enough money and gift cards to purchase those things. I can’t even think of how much stuff we’ll have after another shower!

Some family members have also started Christmas shopping for Alexander. Which I actually think is a little ridiculous. He’s not even going to be two months old at Christmas. And, with the amount of stuff he has received for shower gifts, I can’t think of anything he will possibly need at Christmas. It’s crazy to think that people are shopping for him already!

Anyway, enough about that… here’s a little pregnancy update…

How Far Along: 34 weeks & 2 days

How Big Is Baby: according to β€˜The Bump’ he’s about 17.2-18.7 inches long, and weighs 4.2-5.8 pounds already!

Total Weight Gain: I’m up 24 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Stretch Marks: Starting to develop a few on my sides. But they’re not very big yet, thankfully.

Maternity Clothes: Still able to wear all the stuff I bought before, but a few of the shirts are getting tight. When I’m not at work, I mostly wear sweatpants or dresses/leggings.

Sleep: I’m pretty exhausted, and could easily sleep 12 hours a day. But realistically sleep significantly less. We got a new mattress yesterday, though, and slept so much better last night!

Best Moment(s) of the Week: my shower!

Craving(s): bacon & eggs, chips & dip.

Food Aversion: nothing really.

Symptoms: heartburn, nausea, aching hips when I’m sleeping, and my feet have started to swell slightly.

Movements: he’s a very active little guy. πŸ™‚

What Do I Miss: still missing my runny eggs! Strawberry daiquiris. Being able to bake and eat the raw dough / batter.

Belly Button In or Out: still in, but getting more shallow.

Wedding Ring On or Off: On. Except at night.

Gender: still a boy.

Looking Forward To: my next shower, my ultrasound on the 26th, and finishing work on the 11th.

Next Appointment: ultrasound on the 26th and OB checkup on the 28th.


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Meet the OB

Up until this point in my pregnancy, I’ve just been seeing my family doctor. Generally, unless you’re high risk or have already been regularly seeing an obstetrician for some reason, that’s how pregnancies are handled. You see your family doctor until the end of your second trimester, then you switch over to the care of an OB for the remainder.

For someone who HATES going to doctors, meeting a new one and entrusting yourself into their care for several months is a very unnerving experience. So it was with great trepidation that I headed off to my first OB appointment yesterday morning.

My first impression upon just seeing her from the waiting room was that she was grumpy and scary and it wasn’t going to be good. She wasn’t smiling. She didn’t seem friendly at all. I was expecting the worst.

Buuuut I was wrong. πŸ™‚


She actually turned out to be really awesome. I think I’m really going to like being in her care for the rest of my pregnancy! She was super friendly. And I didn’t feel like she was rushing through the appointment. She took the time to ask how I was feeling and whether I had any questions or concerns. She didn’t just shrug off my complaint about heartburn. (I had been telling my family doctor for over a month that my heartburn was becoming unbearable and that I have been waking up in the middle of the night coughing on stomach acid that’s up in my throat. But he always just told me to keep taking Tums, even though that clearly wasn’t working.) The moment I voiced my concern to the OB, she offered two suggestions for other medications I could try. She also told me things like my blood pressure, how big my belly was measuring, and what the baby’s heart rate was. Usually with my family doctor, I had to ask for those details. Otherwise, he’d just say that everything was good. So, overall, it was a great experience. I think I’m really going to like being under her care, and that’s one less thing to worry about as I get closer to delivery!

Just a little over nine weeks left! πŸ˜€

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29 weeks! :)

How Far Along: 29 weeks today! Only 11 weeks left! :O

How Big Is Baby: according to ‘The Bump’ he’s about 15.2-16.7 inches long and weighs about 2.5-3.8 pounds!

Total Weight Gain: haven’t been weighed in almost a month. Was up 8 more pounds at that appointment.

Stretch Marks: Nothing yet thankfully.

Maternity Clothes: Still able to wear all the stuff I bought before, but a few of the shirts are getting tight. When I’m not at work, I mostly wear sweatpants or dresses/leggings.

Sleep: my sleepiness has returned with a vengeance. Hello, third trimester!

Best Moment(s) of the Week: this week really hasn’t been a good one. 😦 I failed my first gestational diabetes test, and had to go back for the second one. The second test involves fasting overnight, getting bloodwork drawn, drinking the icky orange glucose drink, and going back for more bloodwork at one, two and three hours later while still fasting! Not fun. Bu I guess if I had to pick a best moment, it would be shopping for baby things with my hubby. He found a onesie that says “I *heart* Daddy” and got really excited about it, because he hasn’t been able to find much “daddy” stuff. I love seeing him get excited about our little man. πŸ™‚ I also started making a pregnancy scrapbook this week, and really like how it’s turning out!

Craving(s): nothing really. My nausea is back, so I’ve been keeping it bland again.

Food Aversion: greasy stuff.

Symptoms: nausea is back full force. Heartburn. And super sleepy.

Movements: lots! And I love every second. Hubby has been able to feel him a lot more, and my sister, dad, and mother-in-law have all managed to catch a kick too!

What Do I Miss: still missing my runny eggs! Strawberry daiquiris. Being able to bake and eat the raw dough / batter.

Belly Button In or Out: still in, but getting more shallow.

Wedding Ring On or Off: On. Except at night.

Gender: still a boy. πŸ˜‰

Looking Forward To: November!

Next Appointment: Thursday is my last one with the family doc, then starting to see the OB next Tuesday.

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Today was a very exciting day!

First, I am now 27 weeks pregnant! Which means that I am officially in my third trimester! Different sources claim that the third trimester starts anywhere from 26 to 28 weeks, so 27 weeks seems like the perfect compromise! 27 weeks is also the point where, if the baby was born, he would have a good chance of surviving without any permanent deficits. So it is indeed a happy time!

The second exciting thing that happened today was my 3D ultrasound! I may be a little biased, but I think we have an adorable little man growing in there. πŸ™‚



We didn’t get a whole lot of great pics of him because he just wouldn’t stop moving. I mean, he was wiggling around SO much! We got quite the amazing show! He had his little hands and feet up by his face, and was sucking on his fingers and toes! At one point he was even putting the umbilical cord in his mouth! We got to see a couple of little yawns too.

We also got our confirmation that he is most definitely a boy! As soon as the tech put the ultrasound wand on my belly, she got a perfect glimpse of him with both legs up over his head and his little boy parts on full display!

And, with that confirmation, we rushed home to finish decorating the nursery! No need to return all the little man things we’ve purchased! Nursery pics to follow! πŸ™‚

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Today is a bittersweet day for me.

While I was at work, my husband spent the day finishing the flooring and baseboards in our nursery and putting together all our nursery furniture. I had such a beautiful sight awaiting me when I arrived home this evening.



We haven’t put the bedding or decor in there yet, because we’re waiting until after our 3D ultrasound on Friday to confirm that we are, in fact, expecting a little boy before we open any of our boy-themed purchases.

However, today also marks the fourth anniversary of my mother’s death. So sitting in the glider in our newly finished nursery brought on a lot of emotions. It would have been an emotional time anyway – seeing our son’s nursery completed for the first time. But sitting there in that nursery, thinking about how my mom won’t be there for his birth or to see him grow up, was just so overwhelming.

I cried… and cried… and cried.

I’ve had a few breakdowns throughout the duration of the pregnancy when thinking about my mom. But nothing compared to how today felt. Having the nursery completed on the anniversary of her death was more emotion than I was prepared to handle. It has made me think a lot about how I’m going to feel as my due date draws near – I’m due the day after her birthday. November is going to be a very emotional month. 😦

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