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I’ve finally gotten around to using my new Cricut machine! I am absolutely in love with it! It makes scrap booking such a different experience! I’ve been putting off doing my wedding scrapbook for quite some time now, because it’s hard to get appropriate lettering and embellishments. I managed to find a couple of nice wedding sticker sets, but they were just words like “bride”, “groom”, “bridal party”. There were no letters to match that I could use to make words like “saying our vows” or “getting ready”. I also couldn’t find many embellishments at all. There were a few hearts and rings and swirly things, but no dresses or flowers or anything else. I can do all of those things with my Cricut! 😀

Here are a few pages I made and a close up of some flower embellishments I made. (Ignore the poor quality. I took them on my phone.)

Gah! Can’t figure out how to add photos from my new iPad! Will have to add them later!

Okay, I downloaded the app instead of trying to do it from the browser. Let’s see if this works…





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I spent a lot of today working on my scrapbook. It was windy and rainy and just plain icky outside. So it was the perfect day to stay inside and do something crafty. Here are a few more pages:




I wish I could find some additional embellishments. There’s not much available around here, and it’s hard to come up with ideas to fill the pages without enough stuff to put on them. Maybe I’ll have to look around online and see what I can find!

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All along I’ve used acid-free glue for my scrapbooking endeavors. But I had some double-sided tape left over from doing my table numbers and seating chart for the wedding, so I decided to use that when I sat down to start my wedding scrapbook this morning. I AM IN LOVE. L-O-V-E love! I will probably never return to scrapbooking with glue! Sure, there are some things that will inevitably have to be glued if they have a really awkward shape. But I will definitely be using double-sided tape for most things. It’s so much more convenient and less messy! Here’s a pic of the first page of my wedding scrapbook

I also just downloaded the WordPress app for my iPhone. So this is my first mobile post. 🙂

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One of my favorite hobbies is scrapbooking. Actually it’s probably one of the few things I do that can actually be truly classified as a hobby. I started off small when I was back in high school – I printed off different quotes and clipart to add some flair to my photo albums. Slowly I started adding in actual scrapbooking elements – a photo cropped with patterned scissors here, an appropriate sticker there. Now I do it up right – borders, photo corners, embellishments, etc.

I decided recently to start my wedding scrapbook to take my mind off of everything else – the trying to get pregnant, the not being hired yet post-internship, and the vast amounts of time I have on my hands as a result. I found a really elegant scrapbook at Michaels for 30% off, plus I had a 20% coupon that could be applied to sales. So I got it half off! 😀 Below are some of the stickers and borders I bought!

Excuse the poor quality - it was taken on my phone, in the dark. 😉


I can’t wait to get started! 😀

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